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A message from the Pastor. Trusting the Shepherd:

I remember as a ten year old, drifting on an old door, on the Water of Leith in Edinburgh. The original idea was to cross to the other side, with the aid of my skilful pals and a piece of rope.  I soon realised the rope was no longer attached to their hands but floating in the water.  Soon, I was drifting swiftly on a door, towards the Junction Bridge.  My friends had scattered.  Swimming was not an option, it was new to me! Only one thing for it, I shouted for Help.  People started looking over the bridge giving advice, “don’t sit down”, “don’t move”.  In a short time a crowd had gathered, the Police & Ambulance had arrived, along with my rescuer who waded into the water.  I was grateful for them being there. But the sense of assurance came with the presence of my Mother, at the side of the water. (She told me recently she shouted, “James King , What are you doing on there. Get off right now”.  And other words not printable).  My experience reminds me of the promise we have in the Bible.

Jesus said “I am the Good-Shepherd.  My sheep hear my voice”.  Christ is no silent shepherd.  He calls out to each of us and he calls each sheep of his flock in a distinct and personal way.  He calls us each by name - Jesus does not call us in some general, abstract, impersonal way: "Hey, you!"  

Rather, he knows who we are and what we need.  Jesus’ voice is the one that brings calm, which has power to still the troubled waters, bring hope and deliverance.   Maybe His voice has become a distant memory, of Church days gone by, or maybe you feel that you have drifted too far from Him.  But he offers the hand of rescue, the embrace of comfort. He speaks the word of forgiveness.

The Shepherd never ceases to call us.  There is no shortage of messages that come from him, and each one we are to hear is addressed to us by name.  There is no situation where he does not speak, so reach out and take His hand.

Rev. Jimmy King